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Leather Sofa Cleaning N1 Islington

leather-sofa-clean-islingtonLeather sofas need regular and properly done cleaning to be in good condition and used long time. We can sanitise your leather furniture with the most effective detergents and products for sanitising. Our cleaning technicians have the necessary skills, experience and expertise to clean natural and synthetic leather fabrics.

Applying of improper detergents can lead to fading of the colour, easy staining, cracks and damage of the leather. Rely on our employees to ensure the longer lifespan of your pieces of furniture.

They can remove the soiling, spillages and dirty marks from your sofas and apply high-quality coatings for protection. Contact us to book the leather sofa cleaning we provide in Islington and the results will impress you.

Leather Sofa Cleaning Islington
Leather Chair

£16 £15

Leather Sofa – Two Seat

£55 £50

Leather Sofa – Three Seat

£77 £70

First-class Leather Sofa Cleaning Islington

If you need help with the sanitising of your leather sofas use our affordable and effective services. They are conducted by trained and experienced cleaning staff who can provide:

  • Removing of the grime with brushes, sponges and suitable detergents
  • Eliminating of smears and spillages using suitable preparations
  • Covering the cleaned leather with sealants: oils or waxes
  • Regular and one-off cleaning of leather sofas
  • Excellent sanitising and maintenance of leather furniture

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    “ I want to thank your company, and mostly your cleaners. I hired them to clean my leather sofa and armchairs and they did an amazing job. I was worried that they could get damaged in the process, but it was useless to worry. Your cleaners took great care of them. They cleaned and moisturised them, and now they have their fresh leather smell again. ” – Jamie

    Whether you have aniline, semi-aniline, natural or synthetic leather sofas which need professional cleaning you can use our services. The leather sofa cleaning we carry out is the best in N1 and in the rest of London.

    High-quality Leather Sofa Cleaning Services N1

    leather-sofa-cleaners-islingtonWe invest in our personnel training our cleaning technicians to apply suitable products, test them before using and cover the fabric with oils or waxes to keep it protected. Make your leather sofas last long time and look better using our services. We work during weekdays, weekends and bank holidays without any change in the price of the services.

    Leather pieces of furniture need special cares and suitable cleaning products to be kept in good condition and last long time. The cleaning should be done with the detergents that are recommended by the manufacturer.

    Schedule your leather sofa cleaning using our services available in N1 Islington to keep your home or business property’s furniture in perfect condition.