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Floor Sanding N1 Islington

Floor Sanding IslingtonHave you noticed spots and imperfections on your hardwood floors? If you haven’t sanded them in a long while, perhaps you should think about it. At our company there are experienced and well-trained operators who provide high-quality floor sanding services in N1 Islington.

We are armed with the best sanding machines and products and we do our best to renew and restore your floor to its initial condition. We are 100% professional and detail-oriented. If you would like to hire our teams of technicians, get in touch with us today. Our floor sanding service in N1 Islington consists of a few stages and is totally comprehensive. We will restore the shine to your floor with a few steps.

Floor Sanding Prices in Islington
Sanding only

from £12/ m2

Sanding and 3 coats of lacquer

from £17/ m2

Extra coat of lacquer

from £4/ m2

Floor Sanding in Islington

As you can see, the first step is to check up your hardwood floor and prepare the surface for sanding. Our mission here is to fix any loosen or damaged floorboards, punch down nails that protrude above the floor. The next step is to remove imperfections with our high-quality sanding machines. This is the actual sanding. First we use a coarse grit of sandpaper and follow up with medium and fine grits of sandpaper.

The following steps are carried out during the sanding process:

  • Examination and surface preparation
  • Sanding
  • Filling of holes (if applicable)
  • Staining
  • Finishing

“Never before had I seen my hardwood floors so clean and shiny. The scratches have disappeared and now the whole look of the floors is different” – Billy

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    Floor Sanding N1 Islington

    Floor Sanding N1Sanding not only removes imperfections from the floor, but also impurities and stains. Large sanding machines cannot reach all corners and edges, for which reason we also use handheld sanders and edgers. If there are any holes or cavities, we will fill them at this stage of the process.

    The next thing we are going to do is stain the surface with a colour of your choosing. After staining, your hardwood floor will be sealed with a few coats of high-quality finish. We can consult you on the type of finishing product that will be best for your floor. Then the floor will be left to dry.

    Make sure to get in touch with us and book our floor sanding service in Islington London for a better look of your floor. Dial our contact number to get things going.